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Bug-Juice Productions is currently in development of 2 feature length films, 1 web-series, and in pre/production/post on various other narrative shorts.  We compete in timed competitions such as, but not limited to, The 48 Hour Film Project, The 72 Hour Horror Film Race, The 24 Hour Film Race, the Four Point Film Project and the 48 Film Project.   We have an average of 4-6 short films made a year, and we currently have 6 short films in the festival circuit.  

Cursed World Problems : Our Newly released film

As most of our recent stuff is still traveling the festival circuit, hear is one of our retired pieces.  This was a 24 hour film race submission from 2014.  That is a competition where have to do all development, pre-production, production, and post production in 24 hours.  

It was also accepted and ran in the 2017 St. Louis Showcase.  

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Are you a film maker as well, and need a team to get your film off the ground?  Are you a producer looking to fund the future of film making? Please contact us, and we will discuss how we can work together to make great cinema.

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