BUG-JUICE: the evolution of film makers


Birth of Bug-Juice

In 1995, three high school friends decided to write a play.  After completing the script, they realized they were unable to produce their play since none of them could afford the theater rental.  We turned to film instead.  Starting humbly with a handy cam and growing their craft to timed competitions, Bug-Juice Productions have presevered.  Now after over a decade of serious film making, we are organizing into something bigger and better. After countless acceptances in film festivals and 9+ awards, we are ready to take on new and more difficult challenges.


Who We Are Now

We are a group of volunteer artists working together to make great narrative films, both short and feature.  We work with some the best acting talent in the area to tell emotional and compelling tales in nearly all genres.


Where We Are Going

After being finalists in 13 Horror Film and Screenplay contest, we are looking towards longer narrative shorts.   We are stepping up our game with more compelling stories with better effects.   Keep tunes and see what we can do!

The Leader's of Bug-JUice

Stephen Province -- Producer/Director


STEPHEN M. PROVINCE is one of the founders, and executive producer, for Bug-Juice Productions.  He's been leading the charge on film projects and acts as Director for many of our films since early 2007.  While his primary function on film projects is producing and directing, he has also spent time in the cinematography, editing, soundtracking and even acting capacities, when needed.  

Stephen  holds a B.S. in Construction Management (the career separate from filmmaking), and enjoys spending time with his family and friends, and two sons Zachary and Austin.  His favorite genres of film to both watch and make are: horror, comedy, and drama.

Jessica Stamper -- Head Screen Writer and Casting Director


Jessica Stamper is one of the founders of Bug-Juice Productions, as well as the Head Screen Writer and Casting Director.   She works on development through production of most Bug-Juice films.  While she has been known to wear many hats, her love has been and always will be honing her craft and writing interesting and riveting stories.  

Jessica is a full time corporate travel agent, mother of four, and student.  She is planning on getting her B.S. in Digital Film-Making in 2021. She enjoys writing for completions, reading, spending time with her family and friends and crochet.  Her favorite genres to watch are comedy, romance, drama, and science fiction.  While horror is not one of her favorite genres, she does enjoy making them.

Bill Kramme -- Director of Photography


Coming Soon.

Patrick Murray --Head Editor


Coming Soon.

Heather Gallager -- Artistic Director


Coming Soon.

Karen Durley -- Publicist for Bug Juice Productions, Actress, PA, Model, and Vintage Pinup gal


Acting in films has been a lifelong dream for Karen. After filming a small scene March 2015 in “Somewhere Between Arnold & Festus” she knew she was meant for the silver screen. Since then she's acted in a whole list of films & web series. Growing her IMDB even bigger. 

In the summer of 2017 Karen stepped into the world of Modeling and Vintage Pin Up that fall. Karen joined Bug Juice Productions in January 2018. Since then she’s acted in numerous films with Bug Juice such as “FM Live” & “Space Wars! Episode 29” along side of her husband Dave, who helps where needed, both  as an actor or on crew, which he prefers.  They have two kids. They love spending their free time with their family & friends. Karen’s paid job is being a Library Clerk. 

Since fulfilling her dreams she has a lot of supporters & fans in her family, friends, co-workers & Library patrons who follow their adventures. Karen & her husband already have things planned out with bigger things in film once their youngest child graduates. They plan to enjoy the next phase of life & have fun. Life is Too Short. Follow Your Dreams.